New York could be first state to ban controversial drilling practice

STORY HIGHLIGHTS New York’s state assembly passed a limited ban on hydraulic fracturing Also known as “fracking,” it’s a controversial method of drilling for natural gas The EPA is studying whether fracking contaminates ground water (CNN) — New York could be the first state in the country to impose a limited ban on a controversial […]

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SAP on Water Strategy

by Garrett Miller, Director of Sustainability Solution Management, SAP Many of us have heard pundits claiming, “water is the new gold.” If that were the case, my home state, Washington, would be emerging as the next global super power—without the support of Bill or Boeing. While it may not be the next gold, water’s emergence […]

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Making Every Drop Count

Artemis Project Top 50 winner Takadu was mentioned in the Economist special report titled “It’s a Smart World” highlighting emerging technologies and trends around the use of sensors, data and analytics. A special section in the report is dedicated to ‘the Smart Water Utility’. A special report on smart systems Making every drop count Utilities […]

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The Corporate View of Water Strategy – a Webinar with SAP, Intel and IBM

When water is cheap and abundant, why should corporations be planning their water management strategy for a thirsty future? “The Corporate View of Water Strategy” webinar will bring together leaders from SAP, Intel and IBM to discuss why water management is important, how to implement a water management plan, and the practical application of water […]

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Artemis Webinar: “The Art and Alchemy of the Exit”

The transaction that brings a premium to investors and founders of a great technology company is one of the company’s defining moments. Achieving a premium return on an early-stage investment requires communication, precision, and financial savvy. * What are the most decisive challenges for water tech companies in transitioning from a start-up into an industry […]

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Water Sanitization

The Gatekeepers of Water Tech

Utility managers like Eric Rosenblum and Ron Zegers are part of a small cadre of experienced leaders within the water utility who have been facilitating new water management approaches for decades.  They have ensured that, with very few exceptions, there is a steady supply of healthy and safe drinking water. Like other water utility managers, […]

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Sustainable Building Image

Bringing Water Design Vision to the “Rest of the Mess” in Real Estate

The Shanghai Tower will serve as a mammoth 125-floor rainwater harvesting structure. The breathtaking outside shell borrows the best designs from nature, collecting rain to purify and replenish 675,000,000 liters of water each year. Combining stores, offices and apartments, the building will serve as an icon for water resource management in China, as the country […]

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Middelgrunden Windmills Outside Copenhagen

Desalitech Reduces Costs of Desalination

The most common question I field when I mention desalination is, “Doesn’t that take a lot of energy?” The truth is, yes, it does. That’s why you’ll not hear me advocate for desalination without strongly insisting on complementary conservation. We must redouble our conservation efforts by upgrading infrastructure intelligently and in no way excuse wasteful […]

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Bacteria digest waste at a water treatment plant

Utilities Seek New Technologies

Water treatment and delivery systems were built for steady, predictable operation. In the face of water scarcity and budget cuts, utility managers are challenged to squeeze more performance out of water infrastructure with advanced technologies.

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Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Resource Recovery Companies Find Sustainable Advantage

Everywhere you look people are trying to do more with less. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce energy use, recover resources. There are strong economic drivers to do all of these things, which also happen to be sustainable. On July 22nd, 2010 I moderated the first in the BlueTech Tracker(TM) Webinar series: Mineral & Resource Recovery […]

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